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Due to COVID, GBTTC is online only. Stay tuned for onsite classes and play.

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GBTTC is determined to contribute to the community with its table tennis heritage. As one of the best para table tennis players in the world, our founder recognized the health benefits of playing the sport that can be suitable for people of all levels with or without health conditions. GBTTC is partnering with renowned clubs around the world, and has maintained the resources to get you in connection with the great coaches and players. No matter what the goals you have for table tennis, we will help you achieve your goal because our world level coaches can really make a difference.

GBTTC is also dedicated to bringing the most cutting edge table tennis techniques. We will introduce a series of table tennis training videos to non-Chinese speaking table tennis fans who want to experience the most comprehensive teachings of the table tennis essential techniques which cannot be found elsewhere. You can follow our YouTube channel, Facebook and the website for these updates.

In response to the pandemic, we successfully shifted our focus into a remote learning mode for our table tennis learners. You will get substantive learning experience through us as demonstrated by many of our students’ positive feedback with us.

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